31. juli 2015

Summertime ...

I just ended 3 weeks of wonderful summer vacation and have been at work for a week - pretty hard!

I love vacation filled with things to do, visit a new city or maybe to do nothing at all and yet I prefer a long vacation with a mix of all three. 

Our vacation started going to Berlin, what an amazing city, with so many places to see with all the history (I must admit I was stund by all the things going on during the time with the Wall)  all the buildings, to shop and to eat and drink.
As we only saw a part of the city we already talked about going again.

Back in DK miss M spend 3 days with friends from her school on Vig Festival - her first festival and as she said when she came home.
 "I love it, love meeting some many happy new people and next year I´m going with my sister to Roskilde Festival! "
This came straight from her heart and with some much positive energy and love.

We spend the last 2 vacations weeks at home - reading books, knitting, baking, enjoying my garden and riding our bikes.
Also I went with my girls to a trunk fleamarket we had fun selling clothes, shoes and books for small money. Seeing my girls talking and laughing with people and each other left me with so much joy and gratefulness.
I´m very proud of both of them and admire how they handle their life and the way they are getting the best out of life. I can learn lots from them.         

Today the last day of july there will be Blue Moon - Pretty special to have two  full moons in one month and what an amazing way to start the weekend.     

Wishing you a most gorgeous weekend and dont forget to watch the blue moon.

1. marts 2015

By changing our thinking, we change our lives ... Part 1

I really really try above and I'm amazed how difficult it is. Especially when I find it very difficult to shut down my figments of imagination/worries

I have learn alot during my stress and I have also learned and accepted it will be a part of my life forever. Not that I think it's great thing it will stay forever, but to accept that it will, I am learning all the signs large and small ones when the pressure or situations are not good for me and then try to avoid it comes rumbling at full strength again.   
In October last year, I joined the local fitness club and it is great to get stronger body. The last 2 weeks I have not been by as my mind and body are to tired when I get home from work and that´s one of the signs telling me to slow down.
It leaves me a bit of worried so a deal I made with me pops up and reminds me that I have/need to make a decision in the end-June even tough is difficult but necessary for ME.

Soon it's time to germinate seeds for my garden. again this year I start her indoor since the ground is still far too cold and frost is not yet completely gone.
I have a plan in my head to expand my vegi garden, It requires that it gets a it warmer weather so the soil is soft to dig in and I arrange the pallet frames which are going to be my new vegi garden.
The pallet frames are perfect and a very good way to recycle - I love to recycle. They are a gift from my hubby from last year - he knows me. 
I enjoy seeing the result tomatoes squash or whatever I find on that as this year and what it offers in the end that we may eat.

What about you - are you having a vegi garden and what are you having in yours? 

by the way dont hesitate to leave a comment if you are stopping by!! 

14. februar 2015

Never stop dreaming ...

It is no secret I love to bake - bread, muffins, cakes all kinds of cakes.

This saturdays breakfast I served: Oatmeal apple cinnamon muffins 

My dream is to open a small cosy coffee cafe where people - all ages - stop by for a quick cup of coffee or to sit, relax and enjoy coffee and a piece of cake or a bit to eat.  For having women for a knitting get together evening or having work shops, I have lots of ideas for my dream cafe.

It has been a dream of mine for the last 15 years and I´m still waiting for it to come true. I can tell you lots of reasons why. 

e.g. having kids and how life changes with the major responsibility it is having children, or how your own self changes during your life to be ready or not and one other big one:

Money they are unfortunately a large reason at the moment. Due to a persons ( ex of my husband) irresponsibility and lack of conscience -  yes it makes me a bit angry! 

However it is not going to stop me of dreaming and someday it comes true.  

"When you have a dream that you can't let go of, trust your instincts and pursue it. But remember: Real dreams take work, They take patience, and sometimes they require you to dig down very deep. Be sure you're willing to do that."
By Harvey Mackay

8. februar 2015

Homemade danish chocolate candy ...

In Denmark we have a chocolate candy called P-taerter - the ones you buy are very sweet. During the week on FB I saw this simple recipe to make your own.    
So when I picked up Mie friday at school, I told her about the recipe and we agreed to buy the things we needed for her to make them during our winterbreak vacation.
She made them yesterday evening and homemade ones just tastes better!  

All you needed is:

225 g. of a good chocolate the kind you like the best - we used a eco dark chokolate
100 g. of peanuts salted ones
75 g. of mini marshmallows

Melt the chocolate - mix peanuts and marshmallows and add to the warm chocolate stir gently - then pour the mix into a baking pan covered with baking paper and use a spoon to spread it out - refrigerated 1 hour and cut into the size you want them to be.    

Enjoy with a cup of coffee or your fav tea.

Keep them in a box in the fridge - if there are any left as they are very addicetive. Also use them for gifts for a sweet neighbor, a colleague or as a "for no reason at all" gifts! 


Let me know what you think or if you add something else into them :)