8. februar 2015

Homemade danish chocolate candy ...

In Denmark we have a chocolate candy called P-taerter - the ones you buy are very sweet. During the week on FB I saw this simple recipe to make your own.    
So when I picked up Mie friday at school, I told her about the recipe and we agreed to buy the things we needed for her to make them during our winterbreak vacation.
She made them yesterday evening and homemade ones just tastes better!  

All you needed is:

225 g. of a good chocolate the kind you like the best - we used a eco dark chokolate
100 g. of peanuts salted ones
75 g. of mini marshmallows

Melt the chocolate - mix peanuts and marshmallows and add to the warm chocolate stir gently - then pour the mix into a baking pan covered with baking paper and use a spoon to spread it out - refrigerated 1 hour and cut into the size you want them to be.    

Enjoy with a cup of coffee or your fav tea.

Keep them in a box in the fridge - if there are any left as they are very addicetive. Also use them for gifts for a sweet neighbor, a colleague or as a "for no reason at all" gifts! 


Let me know what you think or if you add something else into them :)

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  1. My boys love this, we call it rocky road candy, and they can eat a pan in one day!


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