1. marts 2015

By changing our thinking, we change our lives ... Part 1

I really really try above and I'm amazed how difficult it is. Especially when I find it very difficult to shut down my figments of imagination/worries

I have learn alot during my stress and I have also learned and accepted it will be a part of my life forever. Not that I think it's great thing it will stay forever, but to accept that it will, I am learning all the signs large and small ones when the pressure or situations are not good for me and then try to avoid it comes rumbling at full strength again.   
In October last year, I joined the local fitness club and it is great to get stronger body. The last 2 weeks I have not been by as my mind and body are to tired when I get home from work and that´s one of the signs telling me to slow down.
It leaves me a bit of worried so a deal I made with me pops up and reminds me that I have/need to make a decision in the end-June even tough is difficult but necessary for ME.

Soon it's time to germinate seeds for my garden. again this year I start her indoor since the ground is still far too cold and frost is not yet completely gone.
I have a plan in my head to expand my vegi garden, It requires that it gets a it warmer weather so the soil is soft to dig in and I arrange the pallet frames which are going to be my new vegi garden.
The pallet frames are perfect and a very good way to recycle - I love to recycle. They are a gift from my hubby from last year - he knows me. 
I enjoy seeing the result tomatoes squash or whatever I find on that as this year and what it offers in the end that we may eat.

What about you - are you having a vegi garden and what are you having in yours? 

by the way dont hesitate to leave a comment if you are stopping by!! 

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  1. Er selv blevet bedre til at stresse mindre men pyh hvor er det svært som livet er nu om dage. Tænk alt det vi vil og skal nå!!! Godt du lytter til din krop♥ Jeg SKAL simplethen dyrke sport hver dag og jo mere jo bedre. Kan være svært at finde tid til men det er det hele værd. Har ingen grøntsagshave. Her visner det hele alligevel så hurtigt når foråret kommer og der skal også alt for meget vand til som vi ikke har for meget af. Men skønt at se noget gro!

    1. og vi er blevet for dårlige til at stoppe op og mærke efter og ikke mindst sige fra grundet af forskellige årsager.
      Jeg laver lidt hjemmeøvelser som giver lidt så helt ude er motion ikke :) og træningscentret kommer tilbage jeg satser på næste uge.
      Lidt ærgerligt du ikke kan dyrke lidt men du er jo heldig at bo i et varmt land ♥

  2. It sounds as if you are doing better in some things and not in others. Please don't give up. They say exercise helps you have energy. Maybe you should go to the club anyways and try. You might be surprised. I am rooting for you..

    1. On my way Suzi
      also studies have shown execise is not the best combo when you are stressed due to the fact your mind and body is driving on overdrive and needs to learn to relax. However people are different how they react and what needs they have.


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