31. juli 2015

Summertime ...

I just ended 3 weeks of wonderful summer vacation and have been at work for a week - pretty hard!

I love vacation filled with things to do, visit a new city or maybe to do nothing at all and yet I prefer a long vacation with a mix of all three. 

Our vacation started going to Berlin, what an amazing city, with so many places to see with all the history (I must admit I was stund by all the things going on during the time with the Wall)  all the buildings, to shop and to eat and drink.
As we only saw a part of the city we already talked about going again.

Back in DK miss M spend 3 days with friends from her school on Vig Festival - her first festival and as she said when she came home.
 "I love it, love meeting some many happy new people and next year I´m going with my sister to Roskilde Festival! "
This came straight from her heart and with some much positive energy and love.

We spend the last 2 vacations weeks at home - reading books, knitting, baking, enjoying my garden and riding our bikes.
Also I went with my girls to a trunk fleamarket we had fun selling clothes, shoes and books for small money. Seeing my girls talking and laughing with people and each other left me with so much joy and gratefulness.
I´m very proud of both of them and admire how they handle their life and the way they are getting the best out of life. I can learn lots from them.         

Today the last day of july there will be Blue Moon - Pretty special to have two  full moons in one month and what an amazing way to start the weekend.     

Wishing you a most gorgeous weekend and dont forget to watch the blue moon.

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  1. Vacations are so fun. My daughter, son in love and grand daughter are leaving next week for a three year stay in Germany so next summer I plan on vacationing across the pond ;)
    PS- I think of you every time I wear my necklace or look at my picture [I named her Lorraine].
    Have a great weekend. I hope we get to see the blue moon, we have rain coming.


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